Brothers of Ale

About Us

Like most brewers my dream started in the backyard of a friend’s house making home brew. Soon after, this growing passion for beverage alcohol production ignited, and I found myself making wine in central California- all while continuing to brew, learn, and refine the trade.

Fast forward through years spent gaining industry experience, studying yeast and fermentation science, brewing stellar beers and forcibly drinking not so good ones. Eventually, I felt the time had come to put my collective experience to the test.

In 2016 I was 99.9% sure I was heading back to New Zealand to start up the operation, however, fate had different plans. Next thing I know, I’m in Costa Rica (thanks to a tip from my sister) checking out the potential, and sure enough the stars aligned. Plans drastically changed and there I was packing up my life (yet again) as I moved full steam ahead to begin this next chapter in Costa Rica.

Enter Brothers of Ale Brewing.

Brothers Of Ale is a concept with its origins in California, brewing beer in a brew club with great friends. To me Brothers of Ale represents friendship, an opportunity to do what I love, and a means of bridging the two worlds of creative and science in order to offer you a passionately handcrafted beverage.

And in a world of options, I thank you very much for your support.

– Alaks